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Finally, First Car Wash



Yea, I've been kinda' non-existent for the past several months. I had my right shoulder reconstructed arthroscopically back on October 10th. Years of use and abuse finally took its toll; no regrets however. Anyways, we had two pretty decent days here this past weekend. Temps were in the 40's, no wind and slightly overcast, it was way past time to get my wife's 2005 Volvo XC70 cleaned up and time to give the shoulder a try. Initially I figured I'd spread it out over two days.

Here's what I was able to accomplish:

1.) Deep Wheel Cleaner on her Wheels and Brake Calipers.

I used a Boulder Blonde Boars Hair Wheel Brush and a Trim and Lug Brush

2.) APC on the tires and inner fender wells cleaned them up nicely.

I used a Deep Clean Tire Brush and a Fender Brush.

I also wiped everything just brushed, quickly with an older 9x9 wash pad I had in my bucket with 2oz of Car Shampoo mixed up with some nice warm water.

3.) As I rinsed out the inner fender wells, tires and wheels I hosed off the under carriage.

4.) I then rinsed off the entire car from top to bottom to remove as much of the road salt stuck to the car as possible.

5.) I have a Montana Boars Hair Brush attached to a telescopic handle that's just the right width to get into a wash bucket. I used this brush dipped in the previously mixed up Car Shampoo/water, along with a second bucket of clear water to rinse the brush out to wipe off/wash down all the lower plastic body cladding on this vehicle. The front and rear bumper covers are also all plastic cladded too, so they got wiped down too.


This is where I figured I'd stop on Saturday, but, I felt good enough I keep going on!


I mixed up another bucket with 2oz of Car Shampoo and got out my Merino Wool Mitt.

6.) I washed all the painted surfaces of the car.

7.) Drying was completed using my Master Blaster.


Now I called it quits for the day. I could feel the shoulder when I washed the roof, lifting the arm and reaching was stretching it out pretty good.


Sunday afternoon I figured I better finish her up.

1.) I gave the car a complete wipe down with Detail Spray using several Waterless Wash Towels.

2.) The Door jambs were cleaned using some old Waterless Wash I need to finish up with a couple Edgeless Utility Towels. Not only the door jambs; but in around the Tailgate, as well as in and around the underside of the hood.

3.) I finished with a quick wipe down of the dash and a cleaning of the front inner windshield with Glass Cleaner and a Glass Cleaning Microfiber.


The shoulder feels a bit tired this morning; tired, not sore which is good. Now off to Physical Therapy! Wait, I didn't post any pictures.

Here you go:





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