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Probably a Dumb Question



I posted last week about being away for some time and noticed that the Fine Machine Polish is no longer and we now have the new two step process with the Paint Correction and the Paint Finish.  My dumb question is I assume that the Porta Cable will work with these new products.   I have had mine from over 6 years now and I only use it once or twice a year as my car is not a daily driver.  In fact it has been in the garage covered for three weeks now.


Next question and I really should direct me asking sales, but on the web site if I look at Machine Polishers and Kits it show the kit with the correction and finish polish, the foam pads and micro fiber pads and the cleaning tool as available, but on the Polishes, Pads & Applicators it shows it out of stock. 

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The Porter Cable 7424 was tested extensively in addition to the Cylco and Flex in conjunction with the new polishes.  Although it's not available any longer through Adam's because of their (Porter Cable) business choices, Adam's realized that a large number of their current customers have a Porter Cable 7424, and wanted to make sure the new Duo would kill with it.  It does.

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