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Just joined hoping to learn a thing or two about detailing. A couple months ago I bought a black 2012 ctsv coupe with 10k miles. I love everything about the car except the black paint. The previous owner was obviously not as concerned about car care as I am. The swirls are driving me crazy.


I am currently washing, drying, and waxing.. Needless to say the swirls are going nowhere. The swirls and paint in general are not TERRIBLE. So I think I can get away with washing, claying, polishing, glaze, and wax. With that being said I've never clayed, or polished before. I'm trying to decide on the flex or cyclo. I've been watching adams videos but feel free to share and advice you want... Thanks in advance!

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Welcome! I really like those CTSV's. The videos are a great reference just follow them and you will be ok. Like Chris05GTO said you will need to use a machine to correct the scratches/swirls you have. I use a Porter Cable but the Flex or Cyclo are great as well. I have found that good technique in washing, drying, polishing, waxing, etc. is key in keeping scratches to a minimum.

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