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Hello "Adam's Forum Family"  AFF...


My name is Chris and I am a new comer to the world of Adam's products.  (purchase wise)


Below you will find my unboxing photos as well as a few photos of my cars.  I have yet to purchase the polisher and pads as I am still deciding between the Flex and Cyclo.








My friend Redaztec (on the forums from New Mexico) turned me onto these products when he decided to go all out and order up pretty much one of every product Adam's offers (not really but REALLY close).


It all started with me trying to clean my "New Mexico Special" '96 miata.  Photos below.  It only has primer and is a salvage title "piece of junk".  Great drivers car though and will be made into an autocross/road racer soon.


Before anyone asks... yes I am using a fender well brush and (full strength) all purpose cleaner DIRECTLY onto the primer.  The paint was rattlecanned before I got it and was done SO POORLY that you have to use force on the primer just to get the grime out from the pits and valleys from the horrible spray job.  It is there for a good laugh. :)  The paint will be taken care of later.




After that, I worked with Redaztec to learn more about the restoration and protection processes (youtube videos and experiences).


I have since then washed, 2 stage corrected and polished (cyclo) and sealed my 3 week old (to me) BMW 335i Montego Blue (Photo below after treatment).  I have also done the interior (except for carpet) photo included of the difference between paying someone to treat the interior (previous owner on the passenger seat) and doing it properly with Adam's products on the driver seat and console.







When I bring my Jeep xj back home from VA, it will get a similar treatment (though clear coat is failing and has been keyed to sheet metal before I owned it).  Trying to keep the oxidation at bay until a respray can be paid for.


I admit my fleet isn't the most glamorous but hey... I gotta start somewhere.   :)


I want to send a shout out to the customer service and sales team (that I dealt with)...  Adam... (of course), Bianca and Ashley.  YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!!!!!!



Chris (mtnbiker326)

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Indeed. I started detailing with Adam's because of a couple of co-workers who always had the best looking cars in the parking lot. Turns out both were loyal Adam's customers.


Now we are too and spreading it to our community.  :)


Thanks for the recommendation Pete.

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