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The New 2015 F150


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so i'm a GM fanboy, but i remove all bias when shopping around for a vehicle.


while shopping around for a new truck i researched them all and came across the new F150 body style.


well i'm not a fan at all of the exterior. the King Ranch interior is amazing, but if the outside is ugly, i don't want to look at it in my garage everyday. i actually like the 2014 F150s more. needless to say, a 2014 Sierra Denali will be parked there very soon! just waiting on it to be built!


what do you guys think?





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700lbs is HUGE and GM is now playing catchup and rightfully so.  I looked at everything and decided on the RAM because it suited my needs with all the additional storage (family) the power train (8 speed ZF trans), and the ride.  I don't haul anything more than lawn and garden stuff and the air suspension rides like a DREAM! 


The fenders kill it for me on the F150.  


I'm not a Silvy fan, but the new GMC calls my name!  


As you can see, I don't care what brand it is.  I'm not at all loyal.  I think that limits you and I like the fun of trying something new.  



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I'm a GM fanboy too, but I really don't care for this new F-150, don't like the headlights at all.


I have a 2014 Sierra Denali on my radar and I'm closing in :lol:


Definitely will be doing a proper HID reftrofit first thing, since the people at GM are idiots and still don't offer HID projectors in a $60K truck! Pretty sad when a $20K Toyota Prius comes with HID headlights and a $60K top of the line truck doesn't 

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It is all a matter of personal taste,,,   While I love the looks exterior of Fords,,, I love the interior of a GM,   Here at work, we have 2 new GMC Sierra's one is a Denali,  And a 2014 F-150.  Just a matter of what you want..  

You have Ford Lovers,, GM Lovers,, Dodge and so on.    


My self I can not see paying that much for one...   Went and looked at Tahoe's.  The 2015 LTZ they are talking 60,000.  Personally not happening here.  

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Very nice job on the new 2015 F150. Going after the big front end look like the Ford SuperDuty pickup, no rust and lighter in weight than anything out there, 3 engine choices, a snowplow package available on a half ton truck, retractable ramps for getting your atv, etc. in the back. 36 years in a row with the # 1 truck, make this one #37 in a row. Nice job Ford!!

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While I think the GM trucks have the edge in the looks, I'm really like the tech in the Ford.  It's lighter than a lot of cars and the 2.7 ecoboost will probably get some decent mpg's.       What i'm really looking forward to is seeing some after drivers have personalized them a bit, and of course, how they look after Adam's products have a go at them!  


Personally I'll be waiting until next year to decide which truck to get.  

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