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Hi everyone, my name is Scott. I've been a longtime lurker but I was always hesitant to regester on here. I'm on too damn many truck forums already, lol. Any of you guys from any of the GM truck forums might recognize my screen name. Jarrod with Bulldog Car Care/ Adam's Polishes of Austin is who actually got me hooked on Adam's protects. I was always hesitant to try anything because most of the products are more expensive than other brands of detailing products. I had him send me a 4oz. sample pack and once I tried the products myself, I quickly realized why they were more expensive than other brands. You get what you pay for, and Adams is actually worth the extra money. So far, my two favorite products are the SVRT and the APC. I literally buy the APC buy gallons now. My wife even uses it around the house. It cleans grease off the kitchen stove and countertops far better than 409. She even cleans the bathroom with it. My wife bought me a machine polisher for Christmas, so just bought the 2 step paint polishing system. I only tried it on one panel of my truck so far, and I'm beyond impressed. I just got in my order from the Valentines day sale, and I got my first clay bar. I've never clayed a vehicle before, but I've been reading up and learned that I need to fully clay my truck before polishing it. So that's what I aim to work on on my next day off of work.

I have a 2001 Chevy Suburban, and just bought the wife a brand new 2014 Altima. I'm looking forward to learning more tips and techniques on here in order to shine and protect both of my vehicles.

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:welcomebanner: Scott! I'm in Shreveport, too, but unfortunately my truck isn't a great example of the Adam's shine at the moment. :loser:

Good call starting your wife's car off right. And if you haven't tried it yet, one of my favorite products for trucks and SUVs is the Invisible Undercarriage Spray. The fenderwells are so visible, if they're not as clean as the rest of the vehicle, it really detracts from the overall look. Plus it smells terrific! :drool:

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