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New guy in the Great Pacific Northwest... Olympia to be specific :)


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Hello people,


Was turned onto Adam's by TheRyan from focusst.org. He posted an EXTREMELY detailed thread on him doing his initial detail on his brand new Focus ST. I've never been one to detail my car to the extreme, but after seeing his thread and hearing the rave reviews about Adam's products and watching all the videos on here, I was hooked. Bought about $400 worth of stuff tonight. Can't wait to detail my wife's SUV (2013 black Santa Fe) and my Race Red Focus ST this upcoming weekend. When I was younger I was all about getting "go faster!" parts (much to the wife's dismay), but now.. i'd rather put money into keeping both our cars looking fantastic!

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Welcome, I just recently joined as well


TheRyan seems to have brought a lot of us over from focusst.org


Can't wait to get some products and try them out, haven't quite decided what I am going to buy first

haha! i know, right! They should give him a bonus or something. Yea, I went with a pretty substantial order.. prolly $600+ worth. There's more I want to get too. With my ST being Race Red, I want it to POP. I already get a good amount of looks from people. I think its because of the matte black stripes i have.. She's a dirty girl right now.. Waiting for my orders to come in before i start cleaning her up this weekend! I found the 2 Bucket wash system on Amazon.. I didnt see one on the Adam's site so I went that route.. I've never been so stoked to clean/detail my car lol.. I normally spend money on go fast parts.. The wife is muuuuuuch more happy with this kind of purchase since ill be able to detail her ride as well.. GL sir!!

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