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My new toy (again) - 1973 Ford Bronco


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Several posts down I have a thread about my 1977 Ford Bronco I bought back in October of last year.  Well it wasn't exactly what I wanted so I sold it in January.  Started looking for another Bronco immediately with original paint, rust free and uncut rear fenders.  Found one from a guy on the Bronco forum and it is a beauty.  Truck has 39K original miles and was in Montana from new until 2013.  Below is a picture from tonight coming off transport truck and a couple from the prior owner.  





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Great find!  Aren't old Bronco's great?  Is yours manual?  Auto?  6 or V8?  Crazy that it didn't rust out....and original condition is always great to find.


I've got a '73 as well, and absolutely love it.  It was restored in 1999, and had some major metal replaced I think..  Our kiddos really like it, and there are permanently 2 kid seats in the back! 



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Thanks guys.  Bronco is base truck with 302, 3 speed manual, 4.11 rear and parchment rosette bucket front seats and rear seat.  Truck options were power steering, skid plates, spare tire carrier, mud & snow tires, AM radio, headliner, auxiliary fuel tank, hand throttle and head bolt heater.


The original owner was a lady.  Truck was obviously used more like a Buick than a Bronco.  I think it had to have been garage kept based on condition.  Maybe you guys know otherwise, but don't think Montana is a horrible spot for older cars in good condition.  Fairly dry climate except when snowing.  I know of at least two other Bronco owners that have pulled clean trucks out of the state.  Will post more detailed pictures as I go through it.


Adam - Your rims look like late model Bronco Alcoas.  What size tires are you running?  Any lift?

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Picked up a set of late 1970s F150 aluminum slot rims a few months ago and have been slowly bringing them back to life.  Here are a couple of before and after pictures.  Final polishing courtesy of metal polish 1 & 2.  Hope to have the rims on the Bronco within the next week.







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Thanks guys.  The rims were and still are pitted pretty badly.  You can see where the lip mounted wheel weights and the center cap did their damage.  I sanded from 150 grit up to 800 grit and then machine polished with black and green compounds before using metal polish 1 & 2.  I probably have 15 hours in sanding/compounding and could have spent 10 to 20 hours more to get them even better but I lost interest and just wanted to get them done.  The condition is much better and they look appropriately old to match the Bronco.  Will post more pictures once I get them finished and on the truck.

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