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hello from edmonton canada


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Hello everyone my name is Trevor im from edmonton canada. Im a journeyman heavy equipment mechanic. Ive been waxing my cars by hand since Ive had a car but just recently gotten Into machine polishing currently using meguiars products. I stumbled upon some videos made by the folks at adams and im really intrigued by the product line and im looking forward to trying out some in he near future.i seems they really stand behind there products and that carrys alot of weight with me. I recently bought a 2014 ram and the finish is curently flawless and im hoping to keep it that way with the help of adams products.Anyway just wanted to say hi cheers guys

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Welcome to the forum Trevor!  Best advice is to give the videos a good watching, and then start using Adam's solely.  I've been using ONLY Adam's for nearly, geez, 10 years now and never looked back. Best stuff out there. And if you're not happy with ANY product, Adam's has a 110% money back guarantee!! You cannot beat their customer service.

Post up any questions you have.  I'm not a machine user, so I'm kind of useless answering those questions, but anything by hand and I'll do my best. 

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