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Adam's is now a One Polisher Organization . . . . . . .


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Friends, I have some news regarding the polishers we promote and offer:


For years, Adam’s has sold and promoted the Flex 3401 VRG polisher.   Its true dual-action motion and heavy-cutting capability has helped it earn a solid reputation in the industry.  Simply put, we don’t promote Chinese manufacturing, and the new owner of Flex is a Chinese company.


With the release of our new Paint Correcting and Finishing Polishes, especially in conjunction with the Microfiber Polishing Pads, we have found that the American-Made Cyclo Dual-Head Random Orbit Polisher and our new polishing system provide equivalent results, with enhanced safety.


We have decided to discontinue selling the Flex Polisher, not only because they are now a China-owned company.  There are several reasons why we chose to promote the only USA manufactured polisher:

  • The Cyclo Polisher is made in the USA, here in Colorado
  • The Cyclo Polisher is the safest polisher in the category.
  • Cyclo Polishers have the lowest repair/ fail rate of all polishers we have ever promoted.
  • We, and our customers have achieved excellent, safe, and consistent results with the Cyclo.
  • I personally prefer the Cyclo, and find it more comfortable to use, and easier to get into tight spots.
  • Regardless what car you have, safety is key, and we like to offer the safest, most effective paint correcting system.
We will continue to service the Flex Polishers that we sold. 


Thanks for your understanding, and you will see more Cyclo videos and kits coming soon!


When we detailed this 1939 Mercedes Benz 540K, using only the Cyclo, I realized, this was the only tool we needed to offer.  (And that wasn't just because the $6.7M car won Best of Show at the Concours the following weekend!)


Enjoy the photos, and if you have any questions, just ask!




Adam Pitale,

Chief Detailer, Adam's Polishes




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Is the lifetime warranty still going to be honored on the Flex?


Yes it will, just as we still warranty the PC after we cut it.  If you purchased it from us, we will honor the warranty.  Since yours is so new, you should have nothing to worry about.  :)


Adam, when you advise to submit a warranty registration, is that to you, or to Flex?  Is the Flex warranty we recieved with purchase from you void now?


We warranty any machine you've purchased from us and will handle any warranty issues.  No need to go through Flex directly for them.


hopefully you will continue to sell the flex pads..

We will indeed continue to carry the pads, no worries there!

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Merged both of these topics into one to keep everyone's thoughts/comments in one place.


Tom, we once had a place where you could register your machine with us so we could easily track any warranty repairs that had to be made. It was a PDF file that had a few hiccups in it, so we are currently working on a different/smoother solution.


Rest assured though, if you got it from us, we'll take care of you if there are ever any issues with a machine. :)

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I was seriously considering a Flex too. :(

I am rocking an el cheapo Harbor Freight polisher right now. Hopefully one day I will be able to afford a Cyclo. But rather than fork out the cash for a Cyclo right now, I'd rather build my Adams collection a bit more. I have all the staples, but I want to get into more of the polishes now. Just bought the wife a 2014 Altima, so I think I will try the Adam's paint sealant on it. Right now all I've been using is the Buttery wax. I swear that stuff would get eaten if I put it in a bowl with some Hills wafers! Lololol It smells EXACTLY like banana pudding.

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I applaud the decision. I have a flex that I love and will continue to use (as well as an older PC that's been repurposed as a sander), but if I need a new polisher in the future the American made Cyclo would be my choice, hands down. 


Don't forget the old axiom: you'll never regret buying a quality tool.  

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It's a shame that these quality tools are turning to Chinese manufacturing. At the same time I applaud Adam for maintaining the no-china policy. It is difficult to keep to your standards when you cannot control what your suppliers do. The Cyclo may not have the same power as the Flex, but it is a very versatile and robust tool with less of a learning curve, which is perfect for people who are just getting into detailing at this level.


I used a Cyclo for the first time this past August, and like many I was skeptical going in. It is the easiest machine to control, and you can get into much smaller areas when necessary without having to switch pad sizes. And as far as I know, yes, the large pads which fit the Flex and PC will still be offered.

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Thanks Friends, and as Nick replied, we are absolutely going to continue offering the 7" pads for the Flex, Porter Cable, Rupes, Griot's, Meguiar's, Dewalt, Makita, BOSCH, etc. 


As for the guarantee, yes, we will honor those as well.  We simply won't be moving forward with selling the Flex tools.


Thanks for your input and questions, keep them coming!

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Adam great decision IMO, the Cyclo is really 2 polishers in one, because if I'm correct you can use one of the heads on the Cyclo as a 4" polisher to get into the tight areas?  I have not purchased one yet as I have a PC 7424 OG which is still running strong after 10 years, but if I do need a new tool the Cyclo is what I would purchase.  Made, designed, engineered and warrantied in USA.  Hell yes!

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the Cyclo is really 2 polishers in one, because if I'm correct you can use one of the heads on the Cyclo as a 4" polisher to get into the tight areas? 

Since the contact area of the Cyclo is elongated rather than circular, you can rotate the machine to fit into smaller places that a 7" pad couldn't properly work in. The example Adam used in the polishing videos is polishing the A pillar. It isn't necessarily a two in one machine, but it eliminates the need for switching pads and backing plates, like you would with the PC, to get the areas that the 7" pad couldn't.

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My B.I.L. is losing his job, and it's going to Mexico.  The company is Federal Mogul and it is in Avilla Indiana.  


I will be concentrating on buying more USA made products.    No, forget concentrating, a better word would be obsessing on purchasing USA made products.  



I will be buying a polisher soon, and I'm going to buy the Cyclo just because its made in the USA.









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