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Hello from southern Illinois!


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Hey guys, I just joined the forum tonight.


We Just bought a slightly used 2011 Camaro last week, and Adam's seems to be the preferred brand of the folks at Camaro5 and GM, and I love their american made business model and youtube videos, so I think I'll be upgrading my car care collection with a big Adam's order soon.



Where should I start on this Camaro since I don't really know what product (if any) is currently on it?  Some sort of stripping wash to get all previous wax and stuff off of it?





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First of all welcome. Short and sweet there's a couple different ways to strip wash. You can add a few ounces of Adams car wash shampoo to your normal wash bucket (what I normally do), or some people will do a wash using original blue dawn dish soap to strip. My only reserve with dawn is that it can be tough on unpainted plastics and rubber seals after a while. After the strip wash, clay, polish(if you please), seal and/or wax. I really recommend the new Adams liquid sealant followed by some Americana wax.

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Thanks for the welcome, this is a great forum, learning a ton here.


I just placed a order with Adams this morning, I basically ordered a small bottle of everything to try. Looking at the weather for next week, I hope it doesn't freeze in transit. I'm looking forward to some warmer temps to get this camaro shined up and enjoy some top down cruising.


Speaking of tops, does adams have a product for protecting the convertible top?

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