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adam's rolling detail seat

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Seeing as Adams has no stock. Look into Whiteside Manufacturing for a USA made rolling creeper/mechanics/detail seat. They offer both USA made and Chinese made depending on your budget.

I have a rebranded Snap-on seat and have had zero issues.

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What kind of failures, if I may ask?

Thought I would chime in here since I have experience with it.  My seat actually ended up snapping in half, the top seat part cracked in half and gave out.  I am not a huge guy either, at 215 I figured it would hold me, and I never like dropped down on it hard.  But yeah mine cracked completely in two after a while as the crack progressed.  Love the seat but Im guessing I wasn't the only one this happened too, and take into account I detail as my job right now in school so it got used much more than most peoples I'd think.  The rest of the seat still looks great though, wheels and bottom rack holding up great, been using it to hold my 5 gal buckets for washing, kinda like the bucket caddys.

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mine is already bowed pretty good and i try to sit more towards the posts. i only use the cart to sit on when i clean wheels and like i said, i try to be careful with it. i am eagerly awaiting the new carts as I was about to purchase one of the large detail carts. 

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Lots of issues with the integrity of the seat tray itself cracking in the center, as Josh just mentioned.Most of them were and still are performing just fine, but the failure rate is just too high for us to stand behind the product moving forward.

Mine just developed the crack over this weekend during wash.

Since Adams no longer sell this, there won't be any warranty or replacements?

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