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FAQ - How do I maintain my Cyclo?

Team Adam's


Now that we have a good number of these tools out in the world, some of them are likely due for some preventative maintenance to protect your investment.


Basic maintenance is very simple and only takes a few minutes:

  1. Every 2-3 polishing sessions, add a few drops of light machine oil (like 3-in-1) into the bronze bushing on the top of the housing
  2. Every 2-3 polishing sessions, blow out the motor housing with compressed air

There are some more maintenance items as your machine starts to accumulate more hours, like changing out the carbon brushes.  This is also quick and painless and will keep the machine running in tip top shape for years to come!


More info can be found here in the PDF from Cyclo Toolmakers:



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Me personally I wouldn't even worry about changing out the carbon brushes until the machine stops working.  Most may never have to even change them.  Price is only $7.12 and about as easy to change as tying your shoes.  Had to change the brushes out on a chop saw once, that used to get a ton of use, and now is good as new.  

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