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I just watched the video and love it!

It really does look like shaving cream!

My friend said I would never get thick foam from an electric unit...

I use an electric pressure washer as well and always get really thick foam with the new Mega. 
Needless to say he always tries to come over to my house to wash his car 🙂

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Happy Friday to me!   

BLUE vs. RED A Head-to-Head Foam-off   Three ounces in each foam cannon bottle.       Shaken, not stirred.       BLUE on the left, RED on the right.       After one minute.  

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4 hours ago, SgtLip said:


Dan, where do you get the spray bottles? I found a bunch of them but they all say they are for agriculture.


Those are Kwazar 32oz spray bottles.  I don't recall where I bought them, and I have since switched to the Tolco sprayers.


If you're interested in them, I will make you a good deal.  I even have extra spray nozzles that I ordered directly from Kwazar in the UK. 

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On 12/20/2014 at 3:01 PM, TheWolf said:

Thanks for the reply Stephen, I am glad you found some of this information helpful.


Here are some links on Amazon for the parts I used for the undercarriage setup:


Shepherd Hardware 6-inch Tri-Dolly


Quick Fist Mini Clamp


I attached the quick fist to the dolly with a 1/4" SS bolt, fender washer and nylon lock nut.






AR North America Underbody Lance


Just make sure this lance will fit your pressure washer gun as it has a male M22 connection. Some other manufacturers make these style lances so you may be able to find one that matches your gun.


Dan, sorry to be bringing old posts to life. But I saw the earlier picture and information but I didn't understand what the pressure washer gun part was. I like the idea and would like to see about making something like this myself.


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5 hours ago, TheWolf said:

Those are Kwazar 32oz spray bottles.  I don't recall where I bought them, and I have since switched to the Tolco sprayers.


If you're interested in them, I will make you a good deal.  I even have extra spray nozzles that I ordered directly from Kwazar in the UK. 


Yes, I'm interested. What kind of money are you looking for? 

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4 hours ago, falcaineer said:


I wonder if @SgtLip found it because I linked to this thread in a recent welcome post? If so, does that mean I can be your new second best friend? 😃


Yes, you are in second place!


Sorry, I did not see the notification from your @mention because it was on Notification page 3 after all his Likes! 

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I read through the entire thread today. It was awesome to read and learn how to do it. I am newly retired and decided keeping my car clean and nice would be my hobby. I will revert to this thread a lot. Thanks so much for the details and the ideas.


I noticed there isn't anything about Interior Detailing (except removing the scratches from the cluster and the use of Leather Conditioner. A detailed on how you go about detailing the Interior would be awesome.


Thanks again.


P.S. I tapped out on the Likes for the day. It wouldn't let me add anymore. Ha ha.

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New garage build is underway!  The last 10 months have been super busy, getting the old house ready to sell, and then starting on a new house build.  Yeah, the garage will have a house attached to it, but the priority is the garage!


In the old garage, I had a pretty good setup for detailing and also woodworking, but the lack of separation between the two hobbies was a bit of a hindrance.  I needed more room around my truck, to be able to open the doors wide.  I also wanted to be able to wash inside, to avoid the constraints of weather, but the shop tools cannot get wet.


A few pics of the old garage, all cleaned up for the sale:










I had hoped to find a buyer who would want the shop tools along with the house, as I spent many hundreds of hours getting this shop setup. The buyers ended up being a couple older ladies, and they had no need for tools, so I spent another hundred hours disassembling the shop and getting all the tools moved to a storage unit.


The new garage will have room for three vehicles, and I made it wider, with an 18-foot double door and 10-foot single door.  First order of business was floor drains for washing inside, and also for all the winter lush that ends up falling off the vehicles in the heated garage.  With the trench drains in each parking stall, and the floor sloping to each drain, all the winter crud will fall off and run under the vehicles, rather than across the floor to the doors.


The builder on this house is an engineering client of mine, which gave me the fortunate opportunity to do some work myself during the build.  I installed the drains and piping, with a small catch basin just outside the garage to collect the dirt.  The pipes drain to the rear of the lot to a small swale, and also pick up the rain gutter downspouts.








The new layout has a Workshop area off the rear of the garage where some of the woodworking tools will go, and then there is a basement below the Workshop which is accessible from the back yard, and some tools and storage will go there.  While it is not ideal to have tools in two different locations, the size and layout of the sloped lot would not allow for the main garage to be any bigger.








The Workshop will get flooring, and some cabinets with workbenches The table saw will go under the duct dropping from the ceiling, with the dust collector down in the basement.


Building a garage from the beginning gave me the ability to get it roughed-in for dust collection and compressed air, pick the locations of all the outlets, have wall mount garage door openers, and get blocking installed for the fans, hose reels, and pressure washer shelf.







A few pics of the house, which will be completed by the end of March.












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Installed the Workshop flooring.  Same LVP as the house, durable and 100% waterproof.




Next up is cabinets and benchtops, then get the woodworking tools set up.


Interior is finished.






Exterior almost done, just waiting on the asphalt driveway.  Will be doing all the landscaping myself this summer, since the builder charges $6k for very basic front yard landscaping.

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