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The best reasonable delivery company USA to UK


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Ok when we come over in June across the pond myself and dad will hopefully get some Adams products.

Unfortunately are suitcases will be full of clothes and shoes.lol

Who is the most reasonable and professional delivery company over there that would delivery to UK.


Cheers Thomas

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Hi Thomas


I know there was a map on the web site a few years ago that would show dealers outside of the US but I don't see it anymore. I'm sure Dan and or Chris will have access to that information. I'm sure someone will be along with the info you need soon  :2thumbs:  If not you could give the 800 number a call. Where will you be visiting ?

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You're going to get what you pay for.  You could do the slow boat and the least expensive which will be the postal service.  But with that you there is really no guarantee and the tracking is awful.  Package will be passed from US Postal Service to the UK Postal Service.  UPS and FedEx will be your best bet, although it will be pricey, and the package will be transported thru one company from start to finish.  You may want to do a cost comparison with taking an another suitcase and compare it to shipping.  


When shipping freight, especially on a plane, they are going to hit you with what is called dimensional weight.  Space on a plane is expensive.  It is basically measuring of the package Length X Width X Height / 139. I used the UPS formula for an example.  Which ever is greater, dimensional, or actual weight, is what you will be charged.  FedEx is going to be similar.  Link below explaining.


Another tip to save money is don't go to a shipping outlet, go directly to the UPS or FedEx facility themselves, where the trucks are dispatched from.  Not a UPS store or FedEx Kinkos for example, those stores you see around town.  They are independently owned and will charge slightly more than actual prices.  Or you can generate your own label and waybills and print them off and take them to a drop off location.  


Keep in mind you will have to have to fill out a waybill, in addition to the shipping label.  FedEx may call it something else.  It is basically an itemized description of everything in the package and value.  You will then get hit with an import fee.  Whether you pay for it when it shows up at your door in the UK, or when you ship the package and prepay it.  


Whether you go UPS or FedEx the forms are free and you can ask for them at any shipping location.  You can then fill them out on your own and attach to package and drop it off for shipping.  Don't seal the waybill pouch as they will have to examine the documents for accuracy.  Below are a couple links that may help you.  






Link below will give you an idea on time in transit international UPS.  Again FedEx is probably similar.




FedEx is going to be similar.  I just know how the UPS system works.  If you have any more questions, feel free to ask and I will be more than happy to help answer.  


As Bill mentioned, you may want to call Adams and ask if there is a European Dealer too.


Edit:  Looks like in your other post you found a Dealer in the UK.  I guarantee that is going to be your best bet as opposed to shipping.

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