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HI ADAMS FANS! (New Member)


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Hello Adams forum members and ADAMS STAFF . I would like to start off by saying i never even knew Adams existed until I saw my moms Adams products. So I decided to try her wheel cleaner and  the Great White Drying Towel. WOW was i absolutely impressed! The wheels looked brand new and the towel dried my whole car without wringing it out! WOW! At that time I kept using my regular products (meguiars, turtle etc.) Well the other day ADAMS had a sale and I went ahead and ordered some products. I cant wait till I can use these products on my black 2006 GTO. In the meantime I will wash my 2014 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ with all Adams products. To me when I think about it Adams really doesn't seem too expensive considering you order when they have a sale and buy by the Gallon. If you order this way the 16 Ounce bottles come out to $4.25 For the Car shampoo, $6.37 for the wheel cleaner , and $8.50 for the H2O Guard and Gloss etc, etc. Which seems very fair for the excellent PREMIUM MADE IN THE USA products that ADAMS sells to us. Today I received my first order and cant wait to use these great products! Thanks ADAMS for offering the best Products and Customer Service in the business!


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