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VRT - Runs down paint once rains

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Just wondering if there has been any suggested changes to the VRT blend?  I like how it looks on trim and the offer of SPF protection to keep my trim nice, but I have some issues.


In the video, Adam shows that it easily wipes off, but I've found that to not be the case when I use it.  I generally have to wipe and wipe to get it off my windows and paint after applying to trim.  Obviously, I try and limit how much gets on windows and paint, but even a little bit seems to smear and be rather difficult to wipe off.  Every supply I have is Adams, so yes, I use your towels as well (I've tried several...nothing seems to wipe it off better than another)


Also, when it rains, I can see the VRT running down my paint.  Doesn't hurt anything I know...but just curious if anyone has any feedback on this?


Love your stuff overall.




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Scott I'd probably cut your usage of VRT in half if you are getting it running on the paint. And also, when you apply to trim, let it soak in for about 10 mins then take a utility towel and wipe the trim of any excess. Too much product will make it run every time.


As for it being easily wiped off I've found that to be the case - a little Detail Spray or Waterless wipe also helps, as will clean towels.

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Probably an accurate statement on the usage....last time we used it, the applicator was pretty saturated.  I'll use a new applicator, use less, let sit for 10 mins and then buff down some.


As for the wipe down, I did use detail spray and my towels I keep like new...so they were clean.  I'll see if less product solves  my problems.  Thanks for the quick reply.

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I have found that using less product works well. The first time I used VRT I did get a little streaking because I allowed the product to build up too much so when it is wet it runs off. Now I use far less and I have had no problem with it. It may require a little more elbow grease to get the lesser amount rubbed in, especially on textured plastic but it gives better results.

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