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Checking in from Phoenix, AZ!


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Hello everybody,

I've been a member for a while, just forgot to make an introductory post! I'm the proud owner of a 2015 Camaro LS, and I've got more plans for it than you could possibly imagine. One of those plans, as you could probably guess, is maintaining the beautiful Summit White paint she was blessed with.  I found Adam's products a couple of months ago on a mystery box sale, and holy crap, it was love at first wash. I'm washing my car like never before. Even after I finish an Adam's wash, I want to keep applying products and shining her up!


I'm a U.S. Army combat vet, current law enforcement officer, and I have way too many hobbies to list, but a few of my hobbies are photography, web design, graphic design, firearms, and last but certainly not least, fast cars. One of my upcoming hobbies will be seeking an Adam's Sponsorship to further my top-secret build. ;)

Here are some pics!

Follow me on Instagram @datv6tho



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Welcome to the forums! great looking ride you have there White is one of those colors that doesn't get too deep but can really shine. 


I think a lot of us here share that Photography hobby, what rig do you shoot with? 


Thank you!


Yeah, I'm in love with the white, but it really doesn't exemplify the amount of care that goes into my paint sometimes. You're right though, it really can shine!  I originally picked white for this AZ desert, as darker cars are covered with a dusty sheen within a day of washing. 


And I'm shooting with a Canon EOS Rebel T6i. I upgraded from the T3i about two months ago. I'm running the kit lens (18-55) and a nifty 50 right now, sent my other lenses to my father with the old T3i. I -almost- went full frame this time around, but couldn't beat the deal I got on the T6i.




Great looking photos!


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Thank you all for the warm welcome! I'm pretty involved on camaro5, and I even run a Camaro v6 performance group with a couple other members, so I may not be around as much as I like but I'm glad to be here!

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