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New fender flares, should I ???



Hey everyone, got a quick question I hope, I recently had some new fender flares painted and I'm getting ready to install them, but upon removing the old ones I have some light scratches and some heavy scuff marks that I would like to correct by doing a a paint correction first.


My question is would it be safe to do my paint correction and then apply the fender flares after the correction and finishing polish? Or will I have adhesion problems, The other way I thought of aproachjng it was to re clay bar where the double sided tape attaches, or should I just correct/polish and then wipe with alcohol wipe to help the tape stick?


Also I want to do the polishing with the fender flares off the truck so I don't have to worry about getting anything on the flares that would prevent them from fully curing seems how they were painted 2wks ago.


Thanks in advance



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Do the paint correction, including sealant. But, you will need to fully clean the area before applying the flares. If they attach with double back tape I would clean the adhesive area fully to remove any sealant, maybe even lightly scuff it with scotchbrite or similar, then wipe area with a IPA or similar.

Others will probably chime in later.


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