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2004 Mercedes Polish



This past weekend, I did this 2004 Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor for a family member of mine. It has 216,000 miles on it and let me tell you, this paint has never been polished up until I did it. The paint was so oxidized, hazy and FULL of washing swirls. So I got to work. Of course I cleaned the wheels and tires, including backs and behind the spokes. I washed it, Clayed it, used a chemical to remove any previous waxes or silicones and did a paint decontamination. ( after 5 min of the spraying the wheel cleaner onto the car, this thing looked like a red car, it has so much rail dust on it. After the prep steps I did a correcting polish and finishing polish on it. Topped it off with paint sealant, brilliant glaze and some Americana paste wax a friend gave to me. Took a total of 3 days because the inside was trashed as well. Here is the finished product. My phone wouldn't allow me to rotate the images so I apologize for the position they are in.post-11939-0-19203300-1459812666_thumb.jpegpost-11939-0-91228500-1459812708_thumb.jpegpost-11939-0-74469200-1459812733_thumb.jpegpost-11939-0-26798200-1459812760_thumb.jpegpost-11939-0-73527500-1459812813_thumb.jpegpost-11939-0-31684100-1459812927_thumb.jpegpost-11939-0-91972300-1459813002_thumb.jpeg


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