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Kwazar bottles



2-3 years ago I bought a 3 pack of Kwazar bottles (31oz)from Adams. I need new spray heads. I know 2-3 years is a good run ; the bottles are good but the spray heads not so much.

Any suggestions? Trying to square this away so I can complete my order to take advantage of 15% off.



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Hi Terry,


We no longer have Kwazar bottles in stock, but go ahead and submit your order and then we can help out tomorrow by either issuing a refund or sending some of the 32oz premium dilution bottle sprayers out to you. They will thread onto the Kwazar bottle, just not as many turns as the Kwazar sprayer and they don't have the double-spray feature (2 sprays per trigger pull).


Please send an email to orders@adamspolishes.com with the pictures and reference this thread. For future reference to everyone here, we like to try to keep warranty replacement claims through our email because Ben, Kourtney, and I may not always see every issue that gets posted to the forum, but we do see every email, thanks for understanding.




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