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Wheel brush rocks!


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I recently bought the wheel cleaning kit which includes the red short wheel brush. My old brush wasn't terrible but it was very dense and the bristles were a bit short.



The Adam's wheel brush is so much better! The bristles are much longer and spread out to get into the nooks and crannies of the wheel. I don't even need the lug nut brush anymore!

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John I was asking the same due to the tighter wheel wells where the standard fender brush can sometimes be too tight. I end up fighting to get it against the wheel well because the tire is so close. I think the bristles are close to three inches long on my fender brush. I think one that was angled with about 1-1.5 inches would be perfect. I have the wheel woolie and it can work, but I find it is a bit too bendy to really put pressure on the wheel wells that are trashed.

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