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1967 Mustang Correction Concern - Unknown Repaint



Hey Everyone,


I'm just your run-of-the-mill Adam's user and addict. I usually polish my DD about once a year and continuously maintain it using pretty much all of Adam's products where needed.


I have a quick question/concern and was looking to see if I'm on the right track.


I was looking at polishing and correcting the better-half's 1967 Mustang that had a re-spray back in the late 80's. It was kind of like your Maaco respray today and it cost about $300-$400 to do it back then. I've attached a picture to give an idea of what I'm working with. The paint is like this all over the car. Again, this was done in the late 80's and there is NO information about it.


It is currently covered in a garage and I was going to correct the paint, polish it up and repair a few things for a possible sale. It's been sitting for a little while and starting to show some age as it sits.


I'm thinking of starting with the least aggressive approach first by using the white foam pad and white finishing polish as common sense denotes, but I'm thinking I should start with the orange foam pad and correction polish so that I'm not wasting too much time (limited time to work with - maybe one weekend for paint and a couple days for minor repairs).


I have no idea what type of paint job this is and I am unable to measure it's thickness. I'm a little nervous to put anything to this paint without getting some feedback from you all first.


So what do you think, just start slow with the white pad and polish, or could I test the orange foam pad and correction polish??? I know this shouldn't be this difficult, but I've never worked on a classic car or a resprayed car's paint and this is a 1967 Mustang we are talking about haha.


Anyone able to tell just by this picture?





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What James said^^


I am guessing this is single stage paint, and you will get paint transfer on your pads.  Most of that should wash out, but will probably retain some of the blue in the pad.  

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Well chances are with Macco they just splatter paint all over the place. Most repaints are much thicker than factory paints. 


I can't tell enough definition from the pictures but it looks like some serious orange peel with a few raised bumps. 


I'd be curious what your paint thickness readings are. Wonder if a body shop could read those for you? 

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Thanks for the input and confirming my thoughts.


Like I said, this is similar to a Maaco paint job, but wasn't done by Maaco. It was a body shop back in the 80's that isn't there anymore. It wasn't the cheapest paint job but it is by far from a  really good one.


I'm a little nervous by I'll work slow and test an area with the white foam pad and finishing polish.


Just looking to brighten it up, not going all out show car crazy.

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