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Mini write up (morning wash)

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After work last night I came out to my car to see it caked in flower pedals, bug guts, and bird droppings so this morning I woke up early and gave the whipskey an Adam's wash with my new foam gun and my (pretty much) full arsenal lol


Started with Deep Wheel Cleaner and APC scrubbing the wheel face, barrel, caliper and rotor then switching brushes and scrubbing the tires really good. Rinsed and repeated until all 4 wheels cleaned.


Then I prepared my two buckets equipped with grit guards and suds up my wash bucket with two wash pads (and also a cheap sponge from Walmart to get all the heavy stuff to spare the wash pads)


Then got my hose and Adams badass nozzle ready and hosed the car down as best as I could followed by the AWESOME foam gun. I had a friend of mine come over and he loved the foam gun so much, I let him spray the car down a little and he said he'll more than likely buy one lol


After that just business as usual. Started with the Walmart sponge getting all the guts and pedals off but still going back to scrape it in the rinse bucket against the grit guard. We each took a wash pad and tackled the car he had the top half and I took the bottom half. I showed him how to properly use the wash pad and buckets to reduce the introduction to swirls and he respected that ????????


Then just a thorough rinse and the use of my next favorite Adams gadget, the Blaster Sidekick! Got mine in orange during the last sale (go Giants!). Again I let him have a go at it and it looked like he was having a good time with it lol


After that was just a basic wipe down with a Great White Towel and a Single Soft Towel with a light mist of Detail Spray.


Lastly my favorite part (insert sarcasm here), I decided to treat all the vinyl on the car with some Brillaint Glaze followed by a layer of Buttery Wax. Honesty it was my first time using Buttery Wax so I was kinda skeptical but I've heard it's okay to wax gloss vinyl. To my ashtonishment it worked really really well, excellent shine with easy on & off application and smelled good too lol.


Final touch was some Tire Shine which works superb, way better than any other tire shine I've ever used.


I love Adam's products more than anything! Anybody who asks me what I use or what I recommend I always say ADAMS!!!!! Even my neighbor came out and asked me if it was a special kind of shampoo for the foam gun lol. I'll post some pictures of the whole thing (I'm sorry If they're upside down or to the side my phone tends to do that here) my friend being the model in the pics having fun. I'll also post a picture of my total inventory of everything Adams, hopefully one day I'll get featured on their Instagram page! ????????????????????????








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Looks real good, especially the stripes. i Cant tell if you cleaned them or not in the pics, but you could make that exhaust look really good with some metal polish 1 and 2, and also some all purpose cleaner. Theres a new video about exhaust cleaning. I find it very helpful!

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