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Photoshoot with the truck

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Whats up guys,


I recently got a huge order in because my arsenal was running low, and gave the truck a good washing. Forget to take pics during the wash but me and my buddy went for a drive later on and took some good pics while we were out. 


First I washed the truck using the new red foam wash pad for the top half of the truck and then used a normal wash pad for the bottom portion. I must say i love the red wash pad and it will defiantly be used much more often now. 


Then I did the wheels and tires and used the undercarriage spray and tire shine for the first time. I had always used VRT for my wheel liners and and tires, but decided i wanted a more shiny finish. I love both products and think it looks much better than just VRT. Guard and glossed the wheels as well.


I had recently done a full detail before the truck was put in storage for winter so I decided i was just going to do a H20 guard and gloss seal. Sealed it up and got it mostly dry then put my new sidekick to work! First time using it and I must say I am more than happy with it. Speeds things up big time, i just keep a double soft handy so when I blow all the water out i just wipe it off right there. 


Then I went ahead and cleaned and sealed all the glass on the truck, I bought the glass cleaning and sealing kit and really wanted to get it done. Loved the new visco clay and got everything cleaned and sealed. Its amazing how theres no finger prints after sealing it. 


Then I went around and VRT the mirrors, door handles, and bumper covers. I also put to use my new In and Out spray which I have never used. Makes getting the grill inserts much easier. 


Last I cleaned up the interior and gave it a good scrubbing with the brush and leather and interior cleaner. Then wiped down all the windows and conditioned everything. 


Finally I pulled it out into the sun and gave it a once over with some detail spray and a double soft on any spots i thought needed it. I am never disappointed with these products and with my truck having some imperfections, scratches, and dents, they still make everything look brand new. 


Heres some pics from the Drive down some of PA's beautiful back roads a few hours after I had washed it. 












And I also couldn't help but have a little fun!






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