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Sealant for Daily Driver



So I now have the Paint Sealant and the H2o Guard and Gloss. I have always used waxes before but now It just seems like I don't really need to apply a wax anymore on my daily driver. Do you guys think that applying the paint sealant, then just maintaining that with the H2o G&G is good enough? I don't really care about having a crazy shine on my daily driver but I just want it to have the best protection it can have. Thanks!

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To echo what others have stated already, LPS + HGG for a DD is plenty protection.


Bear in mind that to maxlmize the durability and performance of the LPS, it should be applied directly to the clearcoat or paint surface. The best way to ensure this happens is to wash, then clay your entire vehicle. Then apply the sealant in a very light coat. Wait for it to haze, then hand polish with a heavy-knap microfiber (the double softs are my favorite). That's it.


Another tip: A very tiny bit of Adam's Liquid Paint Sealant goes a long way. If you can actually see the sealant immediately after applying it, you're using too much. You shouldn't see it until it hazes over.


Pics please!

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