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New guy from Spangdahlem...as of now..


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Hey all!  I decided it would be a good idea to finally join the forums instead of lurking around constantly.  Like the title states, I am currently stationed in Germany at Spangdahlem AB, originally from Wisconsin. I own a 2006 CTS-V that has definitely seen better days! This is partially my fault, before Germany I was stationed in PHX and owned (well still do) a 2001 Z06..the Z06 got most of my attention and the caddy kind of got put on the back burner :(.  Since I am now storing the vette in PHX, I brought the caddy here with me and now its time to bring it back to life.  I purchased Adam's interior kit a couple of weeks ago because my tan carpets were literally destroyed....For the longest time I was looking for a full black interior to swap out the tan because I thought it was unfixable, that's when I found Adam's.  I couldn't believe how well the interior cleaned up, it was almost like magic. I almost got every stain out of the carpet and since then I've decided to never purchase another product from anyone else.


You could say that once I got the interior cleaned its been a uphill battle with my bank account( that's another story in itself)...I am now looking at the exterior, I am looking at getting  a full kit. Most likely the portal cable one...I have never attempted to do any sort of buffing and paint correction before so this is going to be quite the learning experience. I have a ton of scratches and swirls and all kinds of stuff going on with my paint so I am hoping to clean it up.  I've attached some pics of the hood to show what I am talking about. I hope these scratches are not too deep and I can bring my paint back to life!! these 2 pictures are the worst of the paint so if I can fix these it should be downhill from there  Please let me know what you guys think! 


I also threw in some before and after of a piece of my carpet...Unbelievable





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Welcome to the forum Derek!  We travel alike.  I have a 12 CTS coupe (not a V), had an 02 Z06 and now have a 13 427 Vette.  

Thank  you for your service. The Porter Cable is a good machine to start with.  You can upgrade when you get more comfortable using a buffer, but I'm still using the PC after 6 years.  Glad to have you join us.  :welcomebanner:  :welcomebanner:

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Welcome to the forums  :patriot: thank you for keeping us all safe. 


Take your time and she will come back, some solid plans for her and a little time and you will have her shining like new or better than new (I mean really how many auto lot detailers care as much as the owners). 

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