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Adams old blue Clay bar vs New Visco clay bar "Test"

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So I decide to see how much better the visco clay bar is compared to the old clay bar and below are my findings. (My little science test)


Test subject: Wifes 2010 4Runner that she's owned since 2011(Previous owner didn't take care of it at all)

Detail spray as lube.


Left side hood, front bumper, and front panel: blue clay bar first and then followed up with visco clay


Right side hood, front bumper, and front panel: Visco clay by itself.


First 2 pic are before shots.


Next pic is showing new clay bars.


Blue clay bar after doing the Left side as stated above.


Next 2 pics are Visco after going of Left side after blue clay bar.


Then the pic of Visco clay doing the Right hand side by itself.


The last 3 pics are after shoots.


My Conclusion on blue clay vs Visco clay: I found that the Visco clay pulls more contamination from the paint than the blue. If you look a the picture of the blue clay and visco clay side by side, you can see that the visco pulled more contamination after the blue clay bar went first. 


Other info to add: I had my wife feel the hood to see if she felt a difference on either side and she said no. I followed up with paint sealant until I get time to correct and finish her vehicle. The vehicle needs a paint job due to lack of care from previous owner. 


Any questions ask away. 











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Adam's gray is definitely stickier than the blue, which helps it pull more contamination, but I found that the tradeoff is more marring specifically on softer paint. I prefer to use the blue on my G8's paint because the clear is soft, and use the gray everywhere else (especially the wheels) since it does a much better job at removing particulate. Nice front plate by the way :thumbsup:

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