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Office Detailing



Ok, so I am getting my office looking top notch and I have a few questions for the detail experienced. 


I have already done the leather seating chairs with first cleaner, and then a nice dose of Leather conditioner. With that little seating area there is a wooden table, it has quite the clear coat on it that I was able to put a little shine to with Detail Spray. I was wondering however should I try something a bit better? I had thought of hitting it with some BG as it isnt used much but also thought a quick coat of Patriot would go nicely as well. 


In the process of thinking of this I was wondering what I should use for the desk top, it is def a fallaparticleboard with a veneer finish with some smaller matching book cases. I did a quick wipe the other day with detail spray but not sure if there is again something better. 


About the only product not on my shelves is Americana so suggest away! 

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So finally got the file transfer issues figured out.


Chairs were cleaned before I thought to take a pic, so first pic is just cleaned, second is with leather conditioner on them. They look great esspecially after it absorbed a bit into them. 


Table is just wiped down with detail spray in the first pic. 


The second table pic is BG under Patriot Wax. I did that as there were several scratches on the surface and I was hoping that they would fill in. While some certainly lessened not quite as much as I had hoped. But MAN does it shine! The pic does not do it justice as to how great it looks. 





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