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First time using Adams Car Shampoo


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I planned on washing both my wife's vehicle (Equinox LTZ) and mine (Camaro SS) today.......ended up only having time to do her's, but the results were amazing.


Background on her vehicle.


She got the car a few months ago. Its never been hand washed during the time she has had it. Each time I plan on doing it she ends up taking to a drive through wash and then gets to hear me complain lol.

Only thing I used was the Car Shampoo, no detail spray or wax. I wish I had time to fully detail it, but I cant be mad with these results.


Maybe next time I can do my Camaro......








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The bottle is on the paint, the bottle is on the paint!!!


Nah kidding, nice turn out with simply the car shampoo, imagine what it would look like with a hint of H2O.


Good thing with this color is swirls are very hard to see in a day to day setting


lol it was carefully placed and removed hahaha. Disclaimer: No paint was harmed during the photos lol


It only has a couple spots on it I need to fix. Mostly from the dang car washes she was taking it through. I don't have any H20 yet. I'm hoping to get some in my mystery boxes. They should be here Tuesday. :banana:  

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