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Hello All,

I've been lurking here for a minute and thought I would check in and say hello to everyone. I was a wash boy in my teens and graduated to exterior paint corrections/restoration soon after. with Rotary and wool in hand I decided to make the jump to the Car Audio realm. I am now a installer who is allowed to dabble in detailing at my day job. I've been using Adams products for years on my own vehicles and have now brought his product to my clients. I love how simple the Adams products are to use and yield results without brain damage. It's all about working smart and enjoying what I do! 



Monday's project is a 2014 Viper TA for a paint correction. It has less than 3,000 miles on it and appears to have been washed improperly every 30 miles of it's life. it's a good 5 footer due to the white paint. The last few Mopar cars I have done corrections on have had really hard clears so I can't wait to see what results I can yield with some TLC.




my small yet effective arsenal!





Here is my 2003 WRX wagon with 170,000 miles anxiously awaiting it's turn for a full paint correction





Take Care!!

Devin G







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