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Detailing my new Focus ST



So first of all, last Friday i packed up this car




Its a 2015 Ford Focus ST. I love it so far. It only had 1200 miles, and i got a great deal on it. I washed it twice already, and the paint is in good condition. However, my plan next Sunday is to wash it, clay it, wash it again if necessary, and the machine polish the whole thing. My question is where should i go from there? I would like to apply liquid paint sealant, Americana wax, and maybe some brilliant glaze and H20 Guard and Gloss. I just would like to know in what order to do them? From what i have heard, paint sealant first, but im not sure. I have pretty much all the Adams products, so let me know what you think is the best i can do for this car. I want it to look as good as it can, but its also a daily driver, so i want a lot of protection. It might end up taking some abuse, but hopefully as little as possible. Thanks guys.


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In order:


Paint Sealant - base layer

H2o - every 2 months or as needed to boost Sealant

Americana Wax - Quarterly or as needed to top off protection

Brilliant Glaze - Whenever you want after the paint sealant is laid down


You always want the waxes on top as they are more natural and sitting on the paint as opposed to cross linking like sealants (although Americana is more of a hybrid and does have some polymer now)


I have a half bottle of GG left and like it a lot but that new Americana formula is out of this world - I applied and removed it quicker than if I was applying and removing GG to a wet car, it is that good and goes super easy on and off.  Its my top coat protection of choice now and I'll most likely just do Paint Sealant every 5-6 months (2 super thin coats) topped by Americana every 2-3 months.

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I always like to Clay, BG, PS then wax.

Laying down the BG before the PS will make the BG last longer (it does have some fillers)  Adam and I just talked about this the other day and we are both in agreement that BG under PS doesn't effect the longevity.

Have fun!

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