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New Guy from Illinois


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Hey guys, found out about Adam's from a guy in a car group I belong to. He posted up about the Mystery box sale and I grabbed 1. Haven't got to try anything out yet but I can't wait. Car show season is finally here! 


I'll be using the products mainly on my Lancer but I also have 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander & 2001 GMC Jimmy for a daily. 


I received:


Brilliant Glaze

Glass Cleaner

Interior Detailer 

Paint Sealant 


Already have a few things in my cart that I'll be purchasing tonight. How often do they have deals/discounts?


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Welcome to the addiction! Great looking car! Do you have many mods on it? I love my foam gun. It makes detailing easier and a lot more fun!


Thanks! It's lowered on Eibach Sportlines and I have a set of 19inch TSW's and I also just ordered a set of 18's that should be here in the next week. Other than that just a Viper remote start. It came pretty well equipped from the factory so I wanted to keep it plain and simple with this car. Can't wait to buy the foam gun!

Welcome to the family!!

Thanks Brian! 

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