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Spring Carlisle 2016

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A little old product left from last Fall Carlisle:


My order for the Spring show to add to what had remained:


All set up and ready to go first thing Thursday morning.


Notice the new logo-ed inflatable?


Dan was unable to come in Wednesday to help with set up, so we made him, I mean let him, polish the trailer!


Gotta love a black vehicle to demo on!

Bob hard at work:








Looks like Brian's inspecting Dan's work:


It started to rain Friday morning. No worries, I just pulled the front end of this sweet mid 80's, lowered, Chevy Suburban inside the tent and we kept on working!




Here Bob's taking care of removing quite a bit of tar from the wheels of a 2012 BMW X5 just before the rain started.


No rain Saturday, the tent looked like this from around 11:30 until 2:00!


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Jim, The rain really didn't affect us too badly. We had a better sales day than normal on Thursday, with less sales Friday. Rain had been being called for, for Friday most all week and I believe many that would have come Friday did so on Thursday. Average of both Thursday and Friday were about where I'd have expected the total of those two days.


Ed, Adam has a good friend at Carlisle, who I believe, is in charge of the maintenance department on the fairgrounds. He lets us keep some of the left over product in his climate controlled building over winter. Pretty good deal, we don't have to pay shipping to send it back at the end of the year, and then again to get it back in the spring.

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