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Orange polish- orange pad or orange backed microfiber pad

white polish - white pad

glaze if you use it - red pad

sealant - gray pad


Revive - blue hex

buttery - yellow hex

glaze - red hex

sealant - red hex or pro-tire hex, or black microfiber pad (many options)

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Just for a little more clarification, the orange polish above is our Correcting Polish, which replaced the older orange Swirl & Haze Remover. It works better and produces less dust when machine polishing. The white polish is our Finishing Polish, for use by machine with a White Foam Pad. It replaced our Fine Machine Polish. Buttery Wax can be applied by hand with the Yellow Hex Grip Applicator or by machine with a Gray Foam Pad.

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Guest washemup

RB has you set with the "normal" use for pad/polish combo. Paints can however vary in hardness. It also depends upon the severity of damage being removed, and the correction ability of the machine being used. 


Softer paints may require only a white pad/correcting polish, and a no cut pad like the red for finishing. Harder paints will require a more aggressive cutting pad, like microfiber.


When correcting a vehicle for the first time, start out with the finishing polish on a white pad and do a section. Check your results for defect removal, if you see little to none, the paint is hard, so step up to correction polish and a microfiber pad. Harder paints may require a second go round with correction polish in some areas, but will finish down easily with finishing polish/white pad.


If your seeing 50% or better correction, the paint is soft, try the correction on the white, do another section with finishing on the orange foam, whichever gives best results, continue with that process. Finishing softer paints can be a little tougher to do, if needed, mix some distilled water (50/50) with the finishing polish and use a red pad. Some super soft paints will actually finish with water only, these are however rare.


The basics again given by RB will work on most paints, but some paints will respond better to different combo's, so don't be afraid to think "outside the box" if needed.


Getting 1 section to the correction/finished level your looking for first is the key, so your process is dialed in for the rest of the car.

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