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Any Taco (pickup) lovers out there? Check out the new color--Cement Grey.

Texas Moe

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A lot to love about the 2017 Tacoma TRD Pro.  The Cement Grey probably isn't for everyone but I really like it.  The 2016 redesign was a mixed bag for me; I felt that the grill and wheels were a little underwhelming.  In the 2017 TRD Pro, the grill is a little better and the wheels are a significant upgrade.


Thanks, guy from Tacoma World, for the post.



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Good looking truck!  Not a color I'd pick, personally (not really enough "pop" for me), but it works well with the black and red accents.


I have a 2011 Pyrite Mica Tacoma.  Really good truck, but I made the mistake of buying the I-4 double cab.  It gets decent mileage (which is why we opted for the 4-cylinder), and it's well built, but it just can't get out of its own way.


We will probably end up selling it later this summer, since we barely drive it any more.




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The TRD Pro's to me are just a money upgrade. I think you can get a much better suspension going with an Icon or Kings. But, if you are wanting the suspension to come with a warranty, then it can be a good deal.


Oh and Barcelona Red is the best Tacoma color. It's on the internet so it's a fact.

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