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New grit guard offering...



Was browsing the grit guard website the other day and it appears that they are offering a new "wash board" attachment. I know I've seen post on hear about them in the past, just wonder what the current thoughts are.

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Maybe they are going to offer it soon since their buckets with regular grit guards were on sale for $10.99!


The picture on that item on the website is a little misleading...  If you click on the item to go to it's specific web page, you are given a drop down list of 3 options:


1. 5 Gallon Bucket With 8" Round Sticker (No Gamma Seal Lid / No Grit Guard) - $10.99

2. 5 Gallon Bucket With 8" Round Sticker & Grit Guard (No Gamma Seal Lid) - $14.99

3. 5 Gallon Bucket With 8" Round Sticker, Grit Guard, & Gamma Seal Lid - $19.99



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