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Detailing products heated to 120+ *F - still good?



Hi guys,


So unfortunately somehow I brought a bed bug home with me either from Az or who knows where else.  Anyways in an abundance of caution, everything that cannot be washed and dried has to be heated to 120+ degrees F.  I have a lot of adams products (wash, polishes, sealant, etc) in a plastic container probably 3ft x 1.5ft.  Will heating them up ruin them? I shoudl also mention the stuff is probably getting close to 3+ years old.  Hate to throw it away knowing what I spent on it, but is it even good anymore before I heat it up?


I also notice that there are new versions of a lot of the products I have, and some are even gone (like my polishes for the flex, etc). I sold my nice car when I started dental school so haven't really been detailing much - which is why my stuff is so old. But now that I have another nice car again i'm wanting to get back into it


Just bought a new (to me) car and I have some free time coming up in a week and was looking forward to giving her a good refresh. 2008 e92 M3 alpine whiate with fox red interior.  It also has a factory CF roof so wanted to get some protection on that ASAP

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Age and heat will probably reduce your product's effectiveness. Like Beemer said, use the product you have and see how they do. The liquid type product are usually "stronger" than the cream type products which tend to go bad quicker.


On a side note, I was in your boat only a few weeks ago by using some of the Swirl and Haze remover I had left. I did a side by side test with the new paint correcting polish and I was just mad. Mad that I had to do 3 passes with the Swirl and Haze remover to accomplish the same result as 1 pass of the Paint Correcting Polish.


On some of your product, it may just be best to bite the bullet and get the new stuff. I wouldn't worry about stuff like APC or Waterless wash...

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