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Hey guys, how's it going?


My name is Anthony and I have a blue 2006 Acura RSX Type S. Been a long time lurker, decided to sign up on the forum not too long ago, and today I finally decided to start posting on here haha.


I was wondering if there is anyone else in the area that is addicted to Adam's Polishes' products or am I the only one around here?


I will post up some pictures in a bit!  :)

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Welcome to the Forum, Anthony!



Welcome to the forums!


You can get your fix locally in Sterling, VA.    Find my info on the dealer page.


- Darryl

Thank you guys!  :D


Here is a picture of my RSX:




And here is a shot of my somewhat small collection (towels, brushes, and applicators not pictured):



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Welcome to the forum Anthony!   :welcomebanner:

Thanks Rich!  :)


Welcome Anthony!


Great start to the collection, and nice RSX.


Appreciate that Robert! I got a few more things on order that I can't wait to get

Welcome to the forums and a great collection! 

Thank you Jim! It's nowhere near as good as some of the other ones I've seen on here but it's something  :lol:

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Welcome Anthony great collection and nice car ????yeah you will be adding to your collection also everyone on the forum is great and the staff at Adams is 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Stars I have been on since March it's really great you have dan Chris Ben adam kourtney top notch

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