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condensation stain on leather



Can someone help me remove this stain? It is from the rear seat of my 2015 silverado which has only been sat on less than 10 times. And when I went on vacation (10 days of the truck not being opened up) I left the bag that's pictured on the seat.


The seat is treated with adams leather conditioner. And I have not tried anything yet. Just wanted a direction to run in.





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I would bet that bag sucked the moisture out of the seat.  I would reapply leather conditioner and see if it fixes it if it were mine.  


I have to agree here.  How long have you had the bag removed from the seat? Is it still visible?  If it is, I would reapply the Conditioner.  It may streak at first because it's dry and will soak it up pretty quickly.  Just reapply a second time, or even a 3rd time until it's uniform.  I don't think it's going to be too big of a deal for you.  Let us know how it works out. 

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