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My detailing portfolio


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Hey guys so I'm going to start this new topic to update you all with my details done on different cars.


Right now I'm detailing my fathers in law 2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1 in Torch Red, this car paint is in terrible condition, I never seen such huge amount swirls like this before. Nothing that the Cyclo Polisher with the awesome Adam's Paint correcting polish and paint finishing polish couldn't take care of. 


So i started to bath this beauty with the Adams car shampoo obviously:



Next i used the deep wheel cleaner mixed 1:1 to decontaminate the paint and after that i took it inside the shop and started to clay the whole car, which took a lot of work because it had a lot of hard particles on the paint and it felt like sand paper when i was claying. After i applied VRT on all the trims and shaker hood intake which was all grey and fading:


So i started polishing the front hood, which came out amazing with a couple passes:



So hood done, sealed it with the H20 guard and gloss:



Next day i started working on the trunk and rear bumper and to get the whole trunk polished and looking good i removed the spoiler, and here's the before and after shots:








And rear all done:


A close up:



And that was it, this next weekend I'm getting the roof done and hopefully the fenders, quarter panels and doors. I must say the Cyclo polisher is the best tool i ever bought in my life, after putting a lot of hours working with it no pain on my wrists at all.

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Nice work! Post some pictures after next week as well!


Thank you, and i will. I'm going to try to document the progress better.


Great job, how do you like the cyclo for those hard to reach places ?


Thank you sir! Well it performs pretty good in tight spots *no pun intended*, some of them you have to out the cyclo and your body in some weird positions, but it worked and did it's job.


Nice work!


Thank you!


Nice save!!


Thanks, my father in law is loving it and he can't wait to drive it.

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Great save, and another happy Cyclo user!


It really is a very user friendly tool that yields great results. 


This tool is amazing, no complaints so far!


That looks great!   :cheers:


Thank you sir!


Very nice work! That red turned out great!


Thank you, the torch red really pops up now.


My first thought from the thread title was somebody polishing at 761 mph ;-)


Pretty close lol

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Came out great! Thinking hard about the Cyclo being my next tool to replace the Porter Cable.

Thank you, trust me the cyclo is great and worth every penny.



Your car looks really great!  Thinking about getting the Cyclo myself and then adding the Rupes Mini down the road for those hard to reach spaces.

Thank you, not my car though its my fathers in law car. Get it, its an amazing tool, so easy to use and so far no wrist pain at all.

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I finish today this Audi Q7. The paint was in very bad condition. I was able to save most of it, to get this paint to 100% perfection the car would need to be re-painted. Theres a lot of deep scratches. But the car looks fantastic and the owner was pleased from the pics i sent. The car is going back to the owner tomorrow once the interior is detailed.


Some pictures: 















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