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Mildly rambling post warning.


My wife and I traded in our fun car ('06 Corvette) for something slightly more practical ('16 Mustang GT).  The reasons are many, including newer amenities and four seats (we have a five year old).  We are very pleased with the purchase, but being a detailer really changes the experience. 


Aside from the features we wanted, here are the big factors that went into our (my) decision:

  • Not black.  Cannot handle another black car.  The C6 was black, and it drove me insane.
  • Avoid white, red, yellow, and orange, because these colors on the Mustang don't have metal flake. 
  • Looking at the wheel spokes with the specific thought of, 'the Wheel Woolie will fit in those spokes nicely'


Also, the C6 was a garage queen - only 32,000 miles on the odometer.  The night we traded her in, a massive hail storm broke out.  The C6 barely ever saw rain, so I was a nervous wreck.  What if the C6 got damaged?  Then the deal falls apart and I'm stuck with a car that needs a lot of work!  What if the new car gets damaged?  Who takes responsibility? 


Fortunately, both cars escaped relatively unscathed.  There is one small ding in the hood of the Mustang, and the dealer has agreed to take care of it at no cost (good PDR guys are awesome).


As I have told friends and co-workers about the purchase, I hear myself saying things out loud that sound crazy to a non-detail person. 


All this to say that detailing cars makes me look at them in a very different way. :P




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It's driving me NUTS right now because we're leaving for the shore in the morning and I had planned to have the car clean and ready to roll...............but it's STILL RAINING!   Of course, where I live when isn't it raining?  I heard the weather man say that we've had 3 days in May so far that it didn't rain.  Really sucks.  


Congrats on the new ride Mike.  We'd all like to see pictures of it.

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Congrats. on the new Mustang Mike!


It also was "reasonable logic" looking at the new car purchase in the manner that you did, although myself, black would always be a consideration for color, no matter how much work is involved in keeping it pristine.


In my opinion, a black car that is cleaned and detailed is the most spectacular looking, even if it only lasts for a short time due to environmental exposure.


Post up some photos when you get the opportunity!

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