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Wheel Cleaner 16 Oz. How long it last?

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Hi Guys,

I am starting to buy more and more Adams products, I was looking at the videos for the new wheel cleaner. Adam is using a 16 Oz bottles and when he finished the first wheel in the video I kind of see that 1/4 of the bottle is gone, so I quickly add up a 16 Oz for one go around and that is it. Is my estimating right? Does any of you have suggest to Adams selling this product in gallons as many of the other products?



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Buy it in gallons especially when it's on sale.  I also started using it with the Kwazar spray bottle and it's able to atomize the cleaner into a fine mist that covers more area and evenly.  I've noticed that the product is lasting a whole lot longer and cleaning just as well if not better since it's evenly spread across the wheel. 

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I go through about a fourth of a bottle any time I use it.  Going through an entire bottle in just one wash is WAY to much product being used.  Spray, let it sit for a couple of minutes, agitate and spread around the product, let it sit a bit longer, rinse.  No way you should be using anywhere near one full bottle per wash if just using it on the wheels. 

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I only use the wheel cleaner every now and then and maintain with soap and water. So when I do use it, I am always cleaning the barrels too and I can easily go through more than half a bottle on one car.



This is the way to go. Put some sealant on the wheels and clean with wash soap. No need to use wheel cleaner every wash.

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