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2016 Ford Fusion Titanium


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My coworker bought his wife a new car this past week. While I told him to tell the dealer not to wash it, it was too late lol.


The goal today was to teach him how to properly wash with the 2BM so he can take care of the new car himself. He will be buying the 2 bucket kit along with a few other things from Adam's Polishes soon!


I started with the wheels and tires using Adam's Wheel Cleaner and APC then prerinsed the car off with my pressure washer. With Adam's shampoo mixed in my foam cannon I then gave it a healthy coating of foam. While letting that dwell I filled my buckets and loaded my Adam's wash mitt with suds and went to town! While the car is in desperate need of decontamination and polish, he wanted just a basic wash today to wash off salt residue from their trip to the ocean this past weekend.


After a pooling rinse I sprayed the Fusion down with Adam's DS and dried it with a Great White drying towel. I can't wait to get some clay on it and get a nice shine going on. Of course I will most likely use PS followed by Americana and I will most definitely be updating this as I go!





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