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New T Shirt Swag Slim or regular fit?

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Pretty true to size - they aren't slim fit but more athletic fit - I have an athletic build and the Large fits me spot on, all my Tshirts are Large from other brands except my CCW dedicated shirts I go up to XL - if you remember the white shirts from last year they aren't as slim as those -

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Yea if you normally wear a 2xl this will fit. 


I love how lightweight the shirt is and was thinking a week or so back that Adam's should have some swag for us to wear.  So i ended up buying two of them.


The only thing is b/c of the huge adam's logo that part of the shirt doesn't breathe as well as the others.  Minor thing.


Also.  I noticed the neck was a bit smaller than usual XL shirts I wear.  But I may have a fatter neck than most lol.


Great shirt! unfortunately they are made in mexcio :P but unless we wanted to spend 40-50 dollars on a shirt i'm fine with that.

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The shirt will BLEED the first time you wash it so wash it alone the first time.  Wife didn't, and now she has two light blue tops that were once white (along with some socks).  :lol:

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