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Early Father's Day Gift!



I walk in my front door and my wife is standing in front of the biggest pile of Kitchen Aid boxes I've seen since my last trip to Bed, Bath, & Beyond. She's talked about getting one for a couple of years now. She saved up the cash and bought what must have been every attachment for the Kitchen Aid mixer. Pretty awesome.


But what's more awesome was the box containing what she described as my Father's Day gift, early.


Thanks to my wife for this one!





The bag is incredibly well-built. Heavy-duty, includes lots of inner pouches for product and pads, including a hook and loop in the floor of the bag to secure the Rupes. The clasps for the shoulder strap are made from a heavy-gauge metal, my guess is steel. It has two smaller pockets in the back, two large, embroidered pockets on the front. Very nice bag!

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Awesome! I love my Rupes bag (have the cyclo one) and man that thing is roomy and WELL made. Enjoy, and enjoy that mixer! I have a 6qt bowl lift and I love it. Just make sure to NOT put your attachments in the dishwasher. 

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