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Brand New Vehicle Process Question



Thanks for your help.


I am new to Adams, been previously a Griots customer.


I have a new 2016 Camaro SS.  Previously I had a 2004 C5.  This is my first time with a brand new vehicle that will also be basically a garage queen.


The dealer did their best, but I want to make it look really good.


My plan is to thoroughly wash of course (ordered the Foam Gun, can't wait to try that).  Then clay.  Then glaze.  Then Americana.  


I was not going to use a polish or sealant since the car is brand new and it will never be kept outside or driven much at all.  I also ordered the H20 guard to use after the first wash.  I have a Master Blaster that I have always used and was also wondering how to blow it off after using the H20 guard.  I found the video that shows up to using the blower, but then on the blower video it says not us use this process if you are using H20 guard.


Any advice on the process or any advice on how the use the Master Blaster with the H20 guard would be really appreciated.  Thanks.


Here is a "before picture"


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Congrats on the new car. She looks beautiful.


Here is the process I would use on a new car:


Wash, Clay, Wash, Dry, Glaze (cure time here), then Americana. I would skip the H2O for a garage queen and stick with Glaze + Wax.


That said, if you want to use H2O, you could use your MB to get the water out of crevices but that's it. H2O Guard & Gloss NEEDS water to activate the acrylic. The most efficient way to get this effect is to apply H2O GG while drying. I recommend watching Adam's video on the subject if you haven't already.

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^good tips and yes for a garage queen you can use GG but you don't have to.


You also don't have to polish it since its new but I've done enough new car preps to tell you that no matter how good the dealer says they did, once you wash and clay and get all the dealer "shine" off the car you'll see a bit of dealer induced paint imperfections for sure.


However, most likely they will be decently minor so as a garage queen just decontaminate it, glaze and wax and enjoy the shine until you feel it's time to give it a round with the machine to clean it up.


My wife's car was a brand new leftover we got last year and it had a bit of dealer induced swirls but it's white so I let it go for the first year and about to be ready to correct it now. Yours being a dark gray would be a bit more noticeable most likely.

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