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Ford Nationals @ Carlisle June 3-5

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Looks like rain in the forecast, but that can change quick.  The temps are supposed to be good !!  Not too hot.  Good luck with the show guys.  It should be a good one!!  Ford is always busy!   :cheers:

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It always seems to rain a bit when we're at Carlisle, no big deal! Last weekend was the new Carlisle Performance and Style show where it poured Saturday, the place was pretty packed all day. We did very well. Spring Carlisle we had one day of rain, and I believe it was one of, if not the best sales weekend's we'd done at that show to date.


Come on out Ford group and show your car's off!

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     While at the Ford Nationals in Carlisle I stopped by the Adams tent for a few things. I saw some interesting Fords today at the show.


A 1920 Ford T Speedster - 26HP



A 900+ RWHP Super Snake



GT350R for sale (Price unknown)



GT350 (Interesting color)







     I can't wait for the Chrysler Nationals in July!


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