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2013 Boss 302


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I picked up a new-to-me car 3 weeks ago and finally got around to giving it a proper detail.  This car came out of West Texas so it was very dusty, the jambs are a nightmare.  Overall the car was in decent shape with a few scuffs and scrapes, she just needed to be Adamized.


1. Friday: I did the dirty work; cleaned the engine, wash, clay.

2. Saturday: I hit big scrapes/scuffs with Severe Swirl Remover and a green pad.  After a couple passes I got about 85% of the deeper scrapes out.  It's hard to even get them show up on photos now.  I've got a microfiber pad on order to see if I can get them the rest of the way out. 






Once I figured out I wasn't going to get the deep stuff all the way out with the products I had, I stepped down to Swirl & Haze Remover, then to Fine Machine Polish, then to Machine Super Sealant.  It was getting close to dark by then and I needed to let the Sealant cure overnight.



3. Sunday: a second coat of Machine Super Sealant was all I did since I need to let it cure and there were some races to watch.


4. Monday:  a coat of Brilliant Glaze and two coats of Americana.  Cleaned the windows, dressed the tires, removed the yards of tape from around the Boss stripes, cleaned all the residue from the nooks & crannies, and did a final wipe down.













After all that, the last thing that needs to be said



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Great work. 


You dont have one while detailing???? 

I usually have a couple but someone turned the humidity to "high" that day and I needed one desperately.


Nice, I love the color!

Thanks, Chris!


Nice work Ian!


If you have more polishing planned, you may want to consider ordering the newest CP.  It works better than SSR & SHR, especially with the MF pad. 

I figured it changed, but I have so much left of the old I decided to skip it this order.  I'll probably get some on the next sale.


Very nice!! Love grabber blue! Looks great,

It's my favorite, barely, over Gotta Have It Green.  Took me awhile to find this one.  Not many out there.


really nice Boss .. Color is great! Dont see too many with the grabber blue combo 

Thank you.  Not many at all.  From what I've researched, 1 of 401 with the option of the Recaro Seats.

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