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Paint Finishing Polish Issue



I purchased a 16 oz bottle of PFP less than a year ago. The date on the bottle is July 04,2015.  The polish has become very thin almost like water.  Shaking the bottle does not help.  Used on foam and microfiber pads and very dusty.  A  couple shots of detail spray does not help.  Polishing done in a climate controlled garage.  Product stored in a climate climate controlled garage.  Polish is so thin it rolls right off the pad onto the floor.  Very frustrating and completely unusable.  I have the PCP which i purchased at the same time and very happy with it.  I have purchase many Adams products and have been quite  pleased with them except this one.  Is it possible i received a bad batch of PFP?

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Hi Rob,


Sorry you were having issues with that bottle of Finishing Polish! It looks like Bianca sent a response back to your email, so hopefully she got things squared away for you! As always, giving us a call or sending an email are the two fastest ways for us to resolve any type of product or order issues, thank you for understanding! :)

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